Easy Way To Get Healthy and Happy Life

The key demand of mankind is to get a healthy body and to be happy and satisfied in life. The healthy body does not mean that you must have to get much body muscles or packs. The physicians says that a person’s good health is the state of being free from illness or disease or any kind of injury.According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being in which disease and infirmity are absent. There is a great impact of mental health on your physical health. As much as you mentally strong, you will be physically stronger.

There are some easy ways that the physicians suggest to get healthy and happy life.

Food Choice for Healthy Life

To get a healthy life, the first task is to choose healthy and nutritious food for your everyday life. Then you have to know the answer of these three questions.

  1. What to eat?
  2. How much to eat?
  3. When to eat?

What to eat?

So, lets start with the first question, what should you eat? The answer is EVERYTHING! You can eat whatever you like to. But remember one thing that your food choice must be scientific. Science tells us about the food we consume our everyday life, which food we should take and which should not. There are some food list that can be beneficial for you.

1. Take your main food in a balanced manner. your main food may be rich, wheat, maize, potato etc. You have to take your main food in a moderate way.

2. Eat plenty of vegetables with your main food. It will help you remaining healthy. Especially green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, lady’s finger etc should be in your list.

3. Make sure that you are taking enough  protein for your body. You can get it from both animal food and vegetable food. Meat, chicken, egg etc are the main source of animal protein and pulse, chickpea, gram etc are the source of vegetable protein.

4. Eat salad. Salad can be made with tomato, lettuce, carrot etc. Take it everyday.

5. Drink adequate water regularly. Seventy five percent of our body materials is water. So, we must drink water as our body need it. The scientific research says that a adult person should take 2-3 liter water daily.

You can use green coconut as a replacement of water.

Avoid These Habits

1. Stop smoking. Smoking may cause you lung cancer, pneumonia, brain stroke etc. Also, it can effect on your mental health. Anxiety, depression are the result of smoking. Though you are smoking, the non-smoker, your family members will be affected.

2. Do not drink alcohol. In the end, you may be affected in kidney problem. Drinking alcohol may cause you loss of health and money.

3. Stay away from sugar. It is the best way to stay free from obesity, diabetic, anxiety and many other unexpected diseases.

How much to eat?

The second question is how much you should eat? You have to think about this question very sensitively. Should you swallow everything you get in your diner table? The answer is NO!

You should take your food as much your stomach proceed you. But, make sure that there remain some free space in your stomach. It will give you healthy feeling.

When to eat?

Finally, the third question, when to eat? Generally, we take our meal three times a day. You should complete your breakfast in the early morning and take your diner as early as possible. In a word, eat when you fell hungry.

Exercise to Get Healthy

Taking a short exercise in the morning will make your day full of joy and happiness. So, get up early in the morning, smiling. Take a look of the first sunlight.

Firstly, Walk in the green and take a deep breath. Walking is very helpful for health, especially for heart. Now, the question is,how fast you have to walk? You have to walk two miles per hour. We can say it otherwise, walk as fast that you are sweated.

Secondly, Swimming can be a better option for you to move your body fast. Swimming is beneficial for reducing your body fat.

Thirdly, Free hand exercise, like running or yoga, you can test. Yoga is the best of all kinds of exercise.

Take a Bath

You have to clean yourself daily. Use soap or shampoo for washing your body and hair. Taking a bath everyday will make you net and clean, a good indicator of healthy life.

Sound Sleep Happy Life

An adult person should sleep five to seven hours daily. There is a  close relation between sound sleep and happiness. He who can sleep well is able to get up in the morning with a fresh mind, can plan his day properly. Off course, with better planning, anything can be achieved.

Think Positive 

You may think that how positive thinking helps for healthy life. Yes, it does. For Being the owner of a happy life it is very important, thinking positive. You have the ultimate power to choose whether you want to be happy or not.

When you get up from your bed, take some time. Think about your day and say in your mind “I want to be healthy and happy“. You will be surprised that you day will be very joyful. So, always try to think positive.

Routine a Way to Healthy Life

Every successful person must follow a routine for his daily life. As you are starting your journey to be healthy, you have to create your own routine and must follow it.

Though you are not use to with regulatory life, it may be difficult for you to follow the daily schedule line by line. But, do not give up your hope. Try and try, again and again! Once you can follow your routine, you will feel the energy, the power of healthy life.

So finally, these are the best ways you can follow for getting a healthy and happy life. In the conclusion, we want to say you one word, JUST FOLLOW! You will feel the difference in you. The life is really very beautiful!


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