How to Create Your Happiness – 11 Easy Ways

What do you think, who decides whether you shall be happy or unhappy in your life? The answer is- you do!

There’s only two choice open for you- either to be happy or unhappy and you have to choose one of them. Unhappiness is the most common state of mind of most of the people of our society in modern busy life. A Scientific study reveals that about 80% of people are not so happy as they can be. You may be surprised knowing this, almost all of your unhappiness is caused by your own action. The fact is, your happiness or unhappiness is a integrated result of your physical, mental and emotional action.

Create Your Happiness

The term happiness is used in the context of mental or emotional states, including positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. It is also used in the context of life satisfaction, subjective well-being, flourishing and well-being. [1]

The annual World Happiness Report has been published on March 20, 2020, timed to the United Nations’ annual International Day of Happiness. Continuously, Finland has placed the first position of the list as the happiest country in the world, with Denmark coming in second, followed by Switzerland and Norway took the fourth position this year. [2] Where, USA positioned at 19th and Bangladesh is at 107th in this report, India stood at 144th.

Out of happiness habit come a happy life. As happiness habit is developed by happy or positive thinking. Before i discuss this matter i want to share a story with you.

A father asked her little baby girl, “how are you dear?”

She replied, “I am very happy”.


She said “I don’t know why but i’m just happy.”

Then her father asked her there must be a reason for your happiness. Please tell me.

After that, thinking a couple of time, she said, i am happy because of-

My Mom and Dad love me a lot, my friends play with me, i have got chocolate today, i have played with my pet today.

You are thinking why have i told you this story? Because, like the baby girl we all can be happy in our life. Just it needs some efforts. Here, we have discussed the secretes of creating happiness.

1. Positive Thought

There is a affirmative therapy for creating happiness. Drop happy thought in your conscious mind. It will change your day. One may think of why everything in his life go wrong or why all the worst things happen with him? Always remember a word ‘if you think big you can be big.’ So, with positive thinking, change the character of your day.

2. Affirmative Action

Your positive thought will make positive result only with your affirmative action. So, do something as you think you should. Any kind of work can help you to come out of this matter. Here we discuss some topic that you can follow.

3. Face Your Problem Create Happiness

Life is a bunch of many problems. If you think you want a life without any problem is impossible. Also, it will make your life boring and dull. So, welcome your problems, the first step to create happiness. Face your problems with confidence. Because there are problems in life ,success creates more  happiness. So, try to solve your problem.

4. Creative Work will Create Your Happiness

Be creative. You will be happy knowing the fact that the creative persons are more happy than others. So, do some creative work like painting, writing, singing, dancing etc. You can make make a beautiful habit like gardening. The flowers will make you smile.

5. Read for Happiness

Read some interesting books. This books can be of any kinds like biography of some famous personalities, novels, poetry, fiction or non-fiction books etc. Reading books not only enrich your knowledge but also make you happy. A scientific study reveals that book reading diminishes anxiety, tension and negativity. So, keep some time in your daily routine for reading.

6. Cook your Favorite Dishes

Cooking can be a good choice for spending your time joyfully. If you like to cook, make a favorite dishes for your own or for your loving one. If you can not cook help your partner in the kitchen. You can cut vegetables or fruits. Thus,your time will be meaningful that will make you happy.

7. Travel with Nature

Travel wherever you like to. Traveling is a better option to create happiness. So, choose a nice place which can be a natural or historical place. Take some basic dress, medicines, some money and other necessary equipment and leave. Merge with nature and nature always make man happy.

8. Spend Time With Your Loving One
In the midst of a hundred engagements keep some time for your loving one. Your parents, wife/husband, sister/brother loves you a lot and you should respect their feelings. For that, you have to spend some time with them. Good relationship with family is a parameter of happy life. So, fill your life with love.

9. Laugh: Create Your Happiness 

Laughter is the best healing for any kinds of  pain, either it is physical or mental. It is included in the modern medical science. Laughter can make a movement of your inner body muscles and make you healthier and happier person. Your smile will make you acceptable to your surroundings. Smile is a good indicator of nice personality.

10. Do Not Try to be Over Sophisticated 

Making yourself over sophisticated is not a good idea to be happy. Because of your sophistication your friends misunderstand you. So, always be easy for that things in which you have nothing to do. Do not panic your life more in which you have a little control. Try to except your surroundings and create your happiness.

11. Prayer a Great Way to Create Happiness

Child are more happy than the adults. Do you know, why? Because their minds are honest, free from any kinds of hates and worries. You have to be like children with clean hearts. Prayer is a way of getting this. It is human psychology that he always wants to devote or surrender himself to a superior one. In prayer we fully devote our mind to God and thus we get peace in mind. By prayer your mind can be free from anger, depression, fear and any kinds of negativity. Prayer can fill our mind with joy and happiness.

At last, Happiness is not fully a God-given thing as most of the people think. As you read this article you have already known about it. Believe what you read in this paper and follow the techniques. As you change, your world is changes also. So, make the changes and create your happiness.


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