How to Gain Weight – Fast & Easy Scientific Way

Man is born to work. He wants to work for him, for his family, for his country and so on. But this desire to work hard sometimes interrupted by weak health. Most of us think that if i do not have huge muscle, i am not healthy. It is not really true! If you are so much thin, you are not healthy too. So, in this article we will discuss about all about good health, mostly for the thinner one. You will know how to gain weight fast easily in scientific way. We will analyze the causes of low weight with their solutions and provide you some suggestions that will help you to gain weight.  

How to Gain Weight

Firstly you have to know whether you need to gain weight or not. To know it we provide you a list of weighs corresponding to your height. See this list carefully. Make a target of how much you want to gain. Make a plan for your daily life. A good routine is very important for one’s life. Without routine a man can not gain something. And here you are willing to gain weight! Gain weight is easier than lose weight. So there are the charts for you.       

Weight chart according to Height: Men

Height Weight (kg)
Foot Metre Thin Medium Fat
5′ 1″ 1.56 51.8 55.0  59.1
5′ 2″  1.58 53.6  56.8 60.9
5′ 3″  1.61 55.0  57.7 62.3
5′ 4″  1.63 55.9 59.5  63.6
5′ 5″ 1.66  57.3  60.9 67.7
5′ 6″  1.68  59.1  62.3  69.5
5′ 7″  1.71 60.9 65.0 71.8
5′ 8″ 1.73 62.7 66.8 73.2
5′ 9″  1.76  64.8 68.6 75.9
5′ 10″  1.78 66.8  70 76.9
5′ 11″  1.81 67.8 72  77.9
6′ 1.84  — 73 78.7
6′ 1″  1.86 74.5  80.4
6′ 2″  1.89 76.6  82.3
6′ 3″ 1.91  — 80.9  86.4


Weight chart according to Height: Women

Height Weight (kg)
Foot Metre Thin Medium Fat
4′ 8″  1.42  42.3  45  49.5
4′ 9″  1.44  43.3  45.9 50.9
4′ 10″  1.47  44.5 47.7  52.2
4′ 11″  1.50  45.9  48.6  53.6
5′ 1.52  46.8  49.5 55.0
5′ 1″  1.56  48.6 50.9  56.4
5′ 2″ 1.58  50.0  52.7 57.7
5′ 3″  1.61 50.9 55.0 59.5
5′ 4″  1.63  52.7 56.8 61.3
5′ 5″  1.66  54.6  58.6  65.0
5′ 6″ 1.68 56.4  60.5  66.3
5′ 7″  1.71  58.6  62.3  68.5
5′ 8″  1.73  60.5  64.1 70.8
5′ 9″  1.76  61.7  65.9  72.6
5′ 10″  1.78  63.1  67.7  73.6
5′ 11″  1.81  64.1  68.7  74.6

So, this is the chart. We hope you have already defined your weight.If you are thin then you have to gain weight. We will discuss all about this matter. Before that you should understand the causes of thickness.

Why  am I Thin???

Many reasons could be responsible for being thin. Scientist discovered several factors that affected your body fitness. Take a look of some of the factors.

  • Hormonal Effect on your Body : Hormones affect your body in most of your body mechanism. Your Thyroid gland is responsible for your being thin or fat. If there are any imbalance in your Thyroid hormone then you will be so much thin of much fat. With hormonal problem you can not be able to gain weight.

  • Lack of Nutrition, a Cause of low weight : Eating low nutritious food you will never can gain weight. So, think about it. Whether you are taking enough nutrition or not. Also remember one thing that eating big amount of food does not mean nutritious food. 
  • Not having a Balanced Diet : Most of us generally do not follow any diet chart. It can be a reason of being thin. 
  • Excess Physical Work : In most of the developing countries, people work very hard but they get a small amount of earnings. With that small earnings they can not take proper food for them. So, there remain a lacking of nutrition. They get less amount of foods according to their physical need.
  • Digestion and metabolism System of your body: 

    It is the most important factor. When your digestion and metabolism system works perfectly you feel well. If there happen any problem with this system it will be very awful matter for you. So, if you are thin there may be problem in your digestion and metabolism system. Before you start the program of gain weight you have to solve this. 


So, now you know the problems. To solve this problems you need to follow some tricks. Here it is.

  • Meet a Hormone Specialist if you have any hormonal problem. Take proper treatment.
  • Gather some knowledge about food and nutrition
  • Ensure that you are eating enough food.
  • Take some exercise everyday for better metabolism system. 

Food Habit to Gain Weight

Food habit means what you eat, when you eat, how much you eat etc.So, the Food habit is very important to gain weight. Most of the people are followed a bad food habit and as a result they suffer many kinds of health problems. The most common diseases are caused by bad food habit.


  1. Time of Eating : It is important when you are taking your meals. The scientists says that the same amount of food consume in night will make you fatter than consume in morning. So eat more nutritious food in night.
  2. Eat Protein to gain weight :  To gain weight you need to eat sufficient amount of protein. Meat, fish, eggs, milk etc. are the sources of animal protein. You can also chose vegetable protein. The main sources of vegetable protein are beans and many of other foods.
  3. Take Carbohydrate : Carbohydrate will help you to gain weight fast. A scientific study reveals that carbohydrate increases your body fat. So eat some more rice, wheat and such food containing carbohydrate.
  4. Fruits, specially Fibrous fruit : Eating fruits will help you to gain weight. The fruits that contains fiber is very essential for good health. We mentioned earlier about digestion and metabolism system  get benefited by eating fibrous fruits.
  5. Drink sufficient Water everyday:

    Science says that 75% of our body is water.So, to be healthy we have to drink sufficient water. Every adult person need to drink 2-2.5 litre water. Water is needed for digesting the foods we eat.

  6. Some Very Special food to gain weight : 

    We discuss earlier some general food habit. You can also consume some special food items that will help you to gain weight very fast.

    • Milk +Dates : We all know about milk and date as a very nutritious food. But if you mix and eat these two item then it will more effective. Heat a glass of milk and take 5-6 pieces of dates in it and drink it everyday.
    • Raisin & Nuts are very rich  sources of protein. You can eat 10-15 pieces of raisins and 100g nuts everyday.
    • Milk and Milk made products : The Milk and milk made products are full of protein. You can get some cholesterol from it. Try to drink a glass of milk as you are trying to gain weight.
    • Milk + Eggs : You can try this. Mix an egg into a low heated milk and drink it. This food might be smelt a little bad. But this is nutritious.


Finally, we want to say you that follow the instructions suggested here. You will be benefited. Gaining weight is a big deal and you can do it. Just you needs to keep patience and practice the diets. 

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