How to Lose Weight : Scientific Way

Overweight and Obesity is a big problem of twenty-first century. People of all category now faces this problem. The World Health Organization published a guideline to rescue from this. People living in USA and European country are mostly affected of overweight and obesity. The Asian and African people are not free from it too. At this situation, lose weight in scientific way is a very important topic for discussion.

In this article, you will get all the information about overweight and obesity. What are the factors related with it? What are the effect on your health and daily life? Finally you will know how to lose weight by practicing some simple habit. Here you will know about a healthy lifestyle- food habit, exercise and other matters.

What is Overweight and Obesity?

 Abnormal or excess fat procurement in our body that may cause health problem is called Overweight and obesity. But the question is, how can we know if i am overweight? The WHO introduced an index called Body Mass Index (BMI) to calculate it. The BMI index is defined as a person’s weight divided by the square of his height. Weight is calculated in kilograms and height in meters. 

Overweight : BMI rate is greater than or equal to 25
Obesity : BMI rate is greater than or equal to 30

You can easily calculate your BMI rate. If you have overweight then you have to lose weight to be healthy.

World’s Scenario of Overweight and Obesity

The scenario of overweight and obesity is not very pleasant. You will be worried about if after knowing the statistics.  

In a report of WHO around 1.9 billion adults aged 18 years and older were overweight in 2016. Out of these over 650 million adults were obese. The rate of overweight were 39% in adults aged 18 years and over (men 39%  and women 40% ). In the year of 2016 around 13% of the world’s adult population were obese. Out of these  11% were men and women were  15%. The worldwide obesity has been tripled in 2016 than 1975.

In 2019, 38.2 million children were overweight or obese whose age is under 5 years. In Africa, 24% percent and  Almost half of the children under 5   in Asia were overweight or obese in 2019. 

Impact of Overweight and Obesity

Overweight and Obesity has a dramatic impact on your health. It can cause High blood pressure (Hyper Tension), Cardiac disease, Stroke,cancer etc. Out of it, being obese you can not do your job carefully because of comfort. So it is a good choice to lose weight and gain a healthy body and healthy life.

So, lets discuss about how to lose weight perfectly. Just go through the suggestions. You will win the race.

How to Lose Weight 

To lose weight you have to follow some steps that will make you thinner. At first, you have to make a plan. You have to follow a diet chart and exercise plan. We will suggest some practicable that you have to follow and some habit that you have to give up 

Weight Loss Plan

This is the first work to make a plan for weight loss. You may have seen some advertisement like ‘lose 10 kg weight in 10 days only’ or ‘weight losing crash program’ or ‘Eat a specific product and lose weight’ etc.These all are totally useless. Because you have not gained your fat in only one week. Then why do you want to lose it in one week! It is impossible to make it. Or suppose you can make it, even then we will say the same word. Because you may have some health problems if you do it faster than the time it really needs.

So, get one word in your mind that it will take time. You have to keep patience to get the result. Plan properly to lose weight.

Plan to Lose Weight

Weekly 0.5 KG
Monthly 1-2 KG
Six months plan 6-10 KG
One year plan 15-20 KG

Follow this chart to lose weight. Make a plan to lose weight for weekly, monthly and yearly. Do not make a bigger target for weight loss process. Because if you lose much weight than your body should, you can not sustain your success.

Carbohydrate Intake : to lose weight 

Most of the people are over weighted or obese because of carbohydrate. If you start to lose weight at first you have to cut your carbohydrate intake. The carbohydrate makes fat in our body. So, eat less rice, less paddy and these kinds of foods that contains carbohydrate. 

Sugar Intake limiting will help to Lose Weight

You must have heard a word about sugar. Sugar is called White Poison. It is very dangerous for health. In the long term you may suffer. Sugar can make you fatty, cause you cancer and other diseases. 

All know one more thing about sugar that it contain alcohol. So, it is now clear to you that sugar is responsible for overweight and obesity. If you take sugar with tea or other food you have to stop it. Limiting in sugar intake will help you to lose weight.

Energy Drinks or Soft Drinks : to lose weight

Most of the people in USA or in Europe and also in Africa and Asia drinks a special type of water named soft drinks. Some of are named hard drinks or energy drinks. Whatever the name is, it is not good for your health. 

The drinks contain alcohol and sugar and many bad ingredient for your health. It will make you obese. So. stop drinking all of this useless food.

Fast Food-Oil fried Food : to Lose Weight 

You have to avoid all kinds of fast food and oil fried foods if you want to lose weight. To follow the weight loss process make sure that you are taking oil free foods and fresh foods. Fast food will make you fatty fast and you will be obese in some days difference. 

So, stay away from this kind of foods.

Avoid Red Meat to Lose Weight 

Red meat are very dangerous for you if you are overweight or obese. It can increase the probability of heart attack or brain stroke. So, it should be avoided.

You can eat fish or egg for your need of protein. We will discuss some other sources of protein that will fulfill your demand for protein.

Exercise helps to Lose Weight

It is the most important things that you have to practice. Regular exercise will help you to lose your body fat. Your body have embodied excess fat that must be burn out. And this is the process. So, find out some time everyday for exercise. Take 30 minutes to one hour for it. From the beginning of your day you will fell the difference. You can include walking in it. You know walking is a great exercise.

Swimming is also a great habit you  can practice to lose weight. Swimming can make all your body parts move that will help you. You can take 20 min for it everyday. 

Good Night Sleep helps to Lose Weight 

A good sleep will help you to lose weight. A scientific research reveals that the early birds are more healthy than the night owl’s. If you stay awake for late night you will fell hungry. You have to eat food and that will make fat in your body.

Fasting for Weight Loss

Fasting is very helpful to lose weight. Scientist found it as an excellent idea for weight lose process. You can follow it.

Fasting is an yearly practice for the Muslim. They do it as an order of the God. But it has a dramatic result on your health. It will make you more healthy, more energetic. It will decrease the probability of heart disease, hyper tension and many other diseases.

Finally we wish you all the best for your new journey. Now you know the factors of being overweight and obese and also know the remedy for it.

Updated: May 24, 2020 — 12:21 pm


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