How To Make a Daily Routine to be Your Best

We all want success. We want success in our family, in our occupation (housewife, student, businessman, teacher, lawyer whatever we are), in our society, everywhere. Every successful person in the world maintains a disciplined life. But, most of us are not really interested to maintain routine in our life. As you start reading this post, you are in the group of that different people who want to change their lifestyle. 

What is a Daily Routine

A daily routine is a to do list of your daily task. You have to make a list of your work with their priorities. Then execute them in your life. If you can make a good plan and can follow it you will be benefited. 

Importance of Daily Routine

We all have to do many task in our everyday life. but,we do it without any plan. So, at the end of a day when we try to sum up our total work it makes us upset. Because of not having a good plan. Nothing can be gained without a good routine. A very well known word is ” a good plan is half done of a work.” So, you can easily understand how important a daily routine is! 

How to Make a Daily Routine

For making a daily routine you have to follow some simple steps.

At first, you have to make a to do list.

Then, divide your works according to time

Also, fixed the priorities of your works

Finally, start practicing your routine.

To do list for making a Daily routine

For your better understanding, i will give you an example. Here you go. There are common work we all have to do everyday. Some works are different from man to man. Generally the works you do everyday are:

  1. Get up from bed
  2. Brushing your teeth
  3. using toilet
  4. fresh up yourself
  5. some exercise
  6. taking bath
  7. get ready to go to job place
  8. making working schedule
  9. Buy something from market
  10. going to see some person
  11. taking meal 
  12. attending meeting
  13. going back home
  14. taking dinner 
  15. helping in household works
  16. spending some time with family
  17. making a plan for next day
  18. Going to bed

All of the works are not equally important. So, you have make a preference list. Think, at 5pm you can do many things. you can take rest, can watch TV or can spend your time in your garden. But, if you need to go to medicine shop for buying some medicine immediately what will you do? Off course, you will go to medicine shop. Because it is more important than doing other task.

Demo for a Daily routine

Task No. Time Task name Comments
01 5am task 1 ( Get up from bed) Good Job!!!
02 5.30 am task 2( washing) Try again
03 6.00 am task 3 …..
04 8.00 am going to work place
.. …. …..
.. ….. …..
.. …. ……
.11 9 pm Family time Not very good
12 11pm going to bed  etc….

This is a demo for you. You can make it whatever you want. Look at the comment collumn. You have leave a comment if you have done a task well or not. This will encourage you to try again in the next day more attentively.

Reward yourself for Success

If you can make any task done reward yourself. This will help you to work hard in the next day. Slowly you will gain all this. At the first day it may occur many mistakes by you. But, after practicing for some weeks you will  be happy to see that you can follow your routine. Rewards may be a small things like buy a chocolate for yourself or give a thanks to your own.


So, finally we want to say you that you have now known the way of making a daily routine. Use this knowledge to change your habit that will change your life. Wish you all the best for a new happy life.



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