How to Make Daily Routine for Students

Student life is the best period of one’s life. Because, the rest of your life depends on how you spend your student life. You can say it the preparation period of life. As it is a very important period of life you should have a good plan for it. You are one of the most lucky men who starts searching for something new. Many students ask how to make a daily routine? A routine that can help me. In this article we will discuss about making daily routine.

Student Routine

Most of the students do not have any routine for their daily life. Because they do not have any vision of life. They do whatever they want for instant. So, mistakes often happen in their life. As a result failure is a common situation in most of the student. A student routine is a study plan of a student. In a daily routine of a student, there are many important parts like what works he/she has to do, how much time it should take and so on. Everything in his life should be listed in his daily routine. 

A student basically do many works in his life. We can categorize the works in four categories.

  • Emergency Work : The works that must be done for instant. Opening the door, receiving the phone etc are the emergency work.
  • Important work : Important works are those works that are not emergency but have to do. Making preparation for the classes, making notes, preparation for examination are the examples of important work.
  • Emergency and Important work : Some works are both emergency and important like exam study, making assignment for classes etc.
  • Not emergency and not important : Watching TV, sleeping in odd time, online gaming, spending time on face book or other social site etc. are this type of works.

Making a Daily Routine for Student

For making a daily routine for  students have to follow some basic steps.

First, make a list of your works that you have to do. Place the list in front of your reading as you can see it always. Keep a copy of the list with you.

Second, make weekly schedule of that works you have to do every week. Then, create a daily schedule.

Generally a student do these works:

Get up From bed
Taking some Exercise or walking
Taking preparation for school
Going to school
School time
Taking meal
Playing or other habit like gardening, painting etc,
Reading ( preparing your study )
Taking dinner and make a routine for next day
Making Assignment
Going to bed


Weekly Routine

Make your weekly schedule according to your works. list what you have to do this Saturday, what in Sunday, Monday and so on.The weekly schedule for you just for an example…..

                                              Weekly Work List                         Week No: 01, Month: 01

Saturday Class 
Sunday Special class
Monday Exam 
Tuesday Going to somewhere ( if )
Wednesday …….
Thursday ……
Friday Revision your study 


Daily routine

Then make daily routine. The works you may have as a student are given below and we are providing a demo routine for you.

                Daily Routine                Date:

5 AM Get up 
6 AM – 7 AM Exercise
7 AM Bath
8 AM preparation for school
9 AM going to school
9 AM- 2 PM school time
2 PM – 3 PM taking meal
3 PM -5 PM reading 
5 PM – 6 PM playing or other habit
7 PM – 10 PM Reading ( prepare your study )
10.30 PM taking dinner and make a routine for next day
11 PM go to bed

Here is your daily routine. Make sure you have listed all of your works you have to do this day. Leave some comments in the comments portion whether you did well or not. 

Suggestion for Students

At this time we want to give you some suggestions that will help you to make a good routine and make change in your life.

  • Be practical : Do not make a very hard routine that you can not follow. So, make it flexible and easy to follow. Another point is that leave some space of time between two task. So that you can manage your time if you fail to complete any task. If your routine is very tight you will feel bore with it. 
  • Keep Variety in your routine : Do not keep the same task repeatedly in your to do list. keep some variety so that you can enjoy your work. If you read a hard subject now, then next hour read an interesting topic.
  • Do not Give Up : Don’t be upset if you fail to fulfill your task today. Try for next day. You will win one day. 

Finally, we would like to thanks you for reading this article. Just follow the steps and make a efficient daily routine for your better student life. All the best.

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